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Historical Statistics of the United States: Chapter Outline

Historical Statistics | Editors | Chapter Outline | Speech on 1949 HSUS

Front Matter

Title Page and Copyright Page
Support for this Edition Contributors, Research Assistants, Consultants
The Contents and Structure of the Millennial Edition
Detailed Table of Contents
Editors Introduction
History of Historical Statistics of the U.S. Carmel Chiswick
Autobiography of the Millennial Edition Susan B. Carter and Richard Sutch

Part A. Population

Demographic Change Michael R. Haines
Race and Ethnicity Susan B. Carter, Richard Sutch, Gavin Wright
Gender Nancy Folbre

Aa. Population Characteristics Michael R. Haines
Ab. Vital Statistics Michael R. Haines
Ac. Internal Migration Joseph Ferrie
Ad. International Migration Robert Barde, Susan B. Carter, Richard Sutch
Ae. Family and Household Composition Steven Ruggles
Af. Cohorts Susan B. Carter
Ag. American Indians C. Matthew Snipp

Part B. Work and Welfare

Human Capital Susan B. Carter
Health, Education, Welfare Richard Sutch

Ba. Labor and Wages Susan B. Carter, Lee A. Craig, Robert Margo, Joshua Rosenbloom, Matthew Sobek, William Sundstrom
Bb. Slavery Stanley L. Engerman, Richard Sutch, Gavin Wright
Bc. Education Claudia Goldin
Bd. Health, Nutrition, and Physical Well-Being Richard Steckel
Be. Distribution of Income and Poverty Linda Barrington, Gordon Fisher, Peter Lindert
Bf. Social Insurance and Public Assistance Price Fishback, Joan Hannon, Melissa Thomasson, Stephen T. Ziliak
Bg. Nonprofit, Voluntary, and Religious Entities Colin Burke, Peter Dobkin Hall

Part C. Economic Structure and Performance

The Ends and Means of Production Richard Sutch
Ownership and Organization of Production Richard Sutch

Ca. National Income and Product Richard Sutch
Cb. Business Fluctuations and Cycles Richard Sutch
Cc. Prices and Price Indexes Christopher Hanes, Richard Sutch
Cd. Consumer Expenditures Lee A. Craig
Ce. Saving, Capital, and Wealth Paul A. David, Richard Sutch
Cf. Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment Peter Berck, Myron Gutman, Gavin Wright
Cg. Science, Technology, and Productivity Stanley L. Engerman, Gavin Wright
Ch. Business Organization Naomi Lamoreaux
Cj. Financial Markets and Institutions Richard Anderson, Michael Bordo, Howard Bodenhorn, Hugh Rockoff, Peter L. Rousseau, Richard Sylla, David Wheelock, Eugene White

Part D. Economic Sectors

Industrial Classification Systems Richard Sutch
Primary and Secondary Industrial Sectors Alan Omstead, Gavin Wright
Service Industries Thomas Weiss

Da. Agriculture Julian Alston, Bruce Gardner, Alan Olmstead, Phillip Pardey, Paul Rhode, Daniel Sumner
Db. Mining, Fisheries, and Forestry Peter Berck, Gavin Wright
Dc. Construction, Real Estate, and Housing Kenneth Snowden
Dd. Manufacturing Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman
De. Distribution and Marketing Daniel Raff
Df. Transportation Louis Cain
Dg. Communications Alexander Field, David Weiman
Dh. Services and Utilities Thomas Weiss

Part E. Governance and International Relations

Government John Wallis
Globalization Bradford de Long

Ea. Government Expenditures, Finance, and Employment John Wallis
Eb. Elections and Politics John McIver
Ec. Justice, Crime, and Law Enforcement Douglas Eckberg
Ed. National Defense, Wars, Armed Forces, and Veterans Scott S. Gartner, Hugh Rockoff
Ee. International Relations Michael Edelstein, Douglas Irwin, Lawrence Officer
Ef. Outlying Areas and U.S. Territories Sumner La Croix
Eg. Colonial Statistics John McCusker
Eh. Confederate States of America Roger L. Ransom

Back Matter

Methodological and Technical Notes Monty Hindman and Mathew Sobek
A Note on the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series Mathew Sobek
Subject Index

Historical Statistics | Editors | Chapter Outline | Speech on 1949 HSUS

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